Testing, repairs, installation and maintenance

Leave the worrying to us. With over 30 years of experience and practical knowledge in a wide variety of industries, we’ll help you operate smoothly and safely year after year. We make compliance convenient and easy.

Consider our service plans for the ultimate peace of mind. They’re the best way to make sure your essential systems are working reliably and are tested as needed.

Fire Alarm & Monitoring

  • In full compliance with NFPA codes and standards, manufacturer recommendations and your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Systems of all sizes and complexities, from small single-story to multi-building high-rises

Intercom & Access Control

  • Designed and programmed for your security and ease of use
  • Telephone entry, door & gate lock, key fob, access card, vehicle gate operators and more

Fire Extinguisher, Sprinkler & Standpipe

  • Portable fire extinguisher service, including hydrostatic testing, in accordance with NFPA 10
  • Sprinkler and standpipe systems per NFPA 25
  • Hydrant flow testing per NFPA 291

Closing Assemblies

  • Closing assemblies, devices, or opening protectives, per NFPA 80
  • Standalone or as part of a system

Emergency Power & Stored Energy / Battery Backup

  • Emergency and standby power generators per NFPA 110
  • Stored electrical energy or battery backup systems per NFPA 111

Commercial Kitchen

  • Commercial kitchen suppression systems per NFPA 17A
  • Steam pressure cleaning of your ducts, vents, hoods, grease containment and all other commercial kitchen appliances and surfaces

Security Cameras

  • Monitor your property and assets from anywhere
  • Multiple options tailored to your needs and budget
  • AI-powered alerts for specific individuals and license plates

Electrical Work

  • Troubleshooting and repair of various electrical systems
  • High and low voltage
  • LED retrofitting / installation

scheduled service plans

Extinguisher inspection


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